Commercial Contractor Referral Vs. Residential Contractor Referral


Whether you own a commercial or residential property, when the time comes for major renovations, you will probably want the help of a contractor. An experienced contractor can help you meet your budget for the renovation and reduce the occurrence of surprises that can delay a residential or commercial construction project’s completion. One of the best ways to find a quality contractor for either commercial or residential projects is through a referral.


Referral Services

If you know someone who recently completed a similar construction project to your own, you can ask them for a personal referral. However, if no personal recommendations are forthcoming, referral services are also a great way to find contractors who fit your needs. These services list only licensed contractors in good standing, and often include client testimonial and samples of work so you can get a feel for the contractor. Some referral services specialize in commercial contractors, while others focus on residential contractors.


Commercial Contractors

Commercial contractors work on retail, food service, hospitality, and apartment buildings among others. They are familiar with the commercial building codes in a given area and will make sure that your property is not in violation of any fire and safety regulations. They will also make sure that any bathroom and handicap accessibility regulations are met.


Residential Contractors

Residential contractors work on single-family homes and condos. Since they are usually working on a budget, they are skilled at providing cost-efficient alternatives and finding ways to finish projects efficiently. Many residential contractors have areas of specialization such as roofing, home additions, kitchens, bathrooms, and general upgrades of older properties.


Make sure to meet briefly with any potential contractors before agreeing to use their services. No matter how highly a contractor comes recommended, he or she should still be someone you know you can get along with for the duration of the project.