Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

Is in our blood

Commercial construction, it can be a bit of a tough job for those who do not specialize in these types of projects. Luckily for the people of Bethel, CT, the team at Fontaine Construction have been at the leading edge of commercial construction for years, and we cannot wait to help you! We have been working within the commercial construction niche for some time, and from renovations to new builds, we have done it all. In fact, we have specialized as a commercial construction company since the late 1990’s and since then we have seen our business prosper.

When it comes to your company options, there are a few here in Bethel, CT, but instead of telling you why we are better than the other guys, we are going to focus on what we can do for you. Here at Fontaine, we are the premier option for complete building construction. This means that our company is able to assist in the full developmental process, and will ensure that you are able to hire one company from land development to when you take over the building and can open it for the first time. This allows you to skip the multiple middlemen and deal with one company. No running around chasing subcontractors, instead you get to work with an established company that takes pride in its work, and will be able to handle everything from design to the electrical. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Fontaine Construction has long been the choice for those who want to get things done the right way, and ourcommercial construction side of the house has been one of our mainstays since we opened our doors. No matter if you are looking for a rebuild or a bit of a renovation, our team is here for you to ensure your construction needs are met.

Call our team today, and see why so many in Bethel, CT have trusted the team at Fontaine Construction for all of their commercial construction services for years! A free quote is only a click away, and when we say free, we mean free!