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Design/Build Services

that deliver in Fairfield County and located in Bethel, CT

Here at Fontaine Construction, we have been working to improve and perfect our design/build services, and the results truly have been amazing. From our work on new builds to redesigning a section of a home or business, our team is one of the only companies in Bethel, CT to be able to deliver a full-service design/build with the skill and craftsmanship that we deliver with each and every one of our projects. Although we might be known for our dental construction services and other commercial construction services, our design/build service is one of our favourites to deliver here in Bethel, CT!
When it comes to our design/build service it all starts with a meeting with the client and see what they envision the space to include. Then, with one of our trusted architects, we will work up plans, and cost for space. Once approved, our team will get to work and will be able to produce a space like you designed in your head. We are proud to have a full-service construction company and will be able to handle all of the plans, including plumbing and electrical. Plus, with our premium building materials, and expert craftsmen, you will be able to enjoy the space for years to come!

When you are looking at design/builds here in Bethel, CT or within the surrounded area, it is best to contact the team at Fontaine. We take care of the little things like cleaning up the site after construction, and ensuring every single counter, countertop, finish and baseboard is clean as a whistle before handing the space over to the client. This eye for detail has allowed us to become one of the best design/build companies in the state, and that is something we are proud to showcase.

Now is the time to find out more, and contact the team at Fontaine Construction for their stellar design/build services. This service is perfect for both residential and commercial clients, and no matter how big or small, a Fontaine Constructiondesign/build is perfect for space. Call or click today, and see how expert craftsmen can deliver the space of your dreams in a matter of weeks!