3 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Design Build Firm


Although it is a relatively new way of tackling construction work, design build firms now account for just over half of projects. These firms differ from traditional counterparts in that they do not outsource the design process. Everything happens under one roof and this has many advantages for the homeowners they work with.

  1.  More Well-Rounded

Because the design and build ends of the team work together, each person tends to have a better idea of how the two halves come together. There is also a greater likelihood of the architect visiting the site to ensure the builder properly interprets the design. This cuts down on miscommunications that could lead to errors that tack on time and money to fix.

  1.  Faster Build Time

Design build firms usually take a much shorter time to complete the project. One of the main reasons for this is that the architect and builder may work on the design together. A builder can tell an architect what is most feasible based on locally available materials and their cost in comparison to your budget. In a traditional build, separating these two functions can lead to delays when builders may only get to air their concerns after the architect already completes their design in a vacuum.

  1.  Streamlined Responsibility

When working with traditional firms, homeowners must often begin by finding an architect on their own. Then, they also find the builders. That means two sets of proposals, interviews and portfolio reviews. Homeowners can cut this time in half by hiring just one firm that does everything. In addition to this, they only need to correspond with one firm and hold that one entity responsible, rather than attempt to figure out who is responsible for what.

Design build is a revolutionary way to tackle custom builds, renovations and remodeling. When homeowners try this for the first time, they often find themselves wondering, “Why doesn’t everyone else do it like this?”