Common Sense Tips For Selecting a Commercial Builder

Commercial construction is an expensive endeavor. Controlling costs often means keeping within a 10 percent overrun. For the inexperienced, the lowest bidder often seems like the most desirable choice, but the opposite is often true. When you factor in the long-term costs of poor work, a higher initial bid may, in fact, equal overall savings. If you do not personally have experience with commercial builders in your area, then it is critical that you seek advice from someone who does. Experience is usually the best indicator of how the builder will complete your job.

Be sure to shop around when you are selecting a company for commercial construction. Obtain bids from three or more firms before you proceed. Be sure that you know your requirements in detail. Be specific as possible when outlining the project. Someone who immediately quotes you an inexpensive price before fully understanding the scope of your ideas should raise a warning flag. Normally, builders are in business to make money, so this low price will usually be accomplished by doing shoddy work or slipping in unexpected charges. Neither of these outcomes is desirable, so working with a realistic quote, in the beginning, is a surer sign of receiving quality work on your project.

After you have narrowed your commercial construction choices down to three or four companies that have provided you with realistic bids for your project, make your final selection based on referrals. Talk to past customers and find out how the builder performed the work they were hired to do. Have questions ready about their concern for budgets, reliability and work ethic. If you cannot find actual customers to talk to, request that the builder provides you with a portfolio of work projects so that you can verify their abilities and trustworthiness. Doing your due diligence requires some patience and effort, but your satisfaction with your finished project should more than makeup for this initial investment of your time.