Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Contractor

Hiring a contractor for your home or commercial renovation is no easy task. It feels like every day there is a new story about a scam artist who posed as a contractor to get money. You don’t have to let these horror stories keep you from hiring a professional to do the job.

Many scammers give off a few red flags before the victim gives them any money. Avoid a con by not hiring anyone who shows these major red flags:

Shows Up Late or Unprepared

What would you think if a potential business partner arrived at a meeting with you exceptionally late and unprepared? You probably wouldn’t do business with that person. The same should go for contractors. If they don’t seem professional, they probably aren’t.

Not only should the contractor show up on time, but he or she should seem confident about your project. If you get the feeling that this person has never completed this type of project, take that as a sign.

Too Good to Be True

Any time you plan to hire a contractor, you should get a few estimates from different companies. If one seems significantly lower than the others, it could be a red flag. Some scam artists rope homeowners in with the promise of incredibly low prices only to take the money and run. If it seems too good to be true, it might be a scam. This rule is valid for commercial renovation as well.

No References or License

As you consider contractors, ask for proof of licenses and plenty of references. The license ensures that the business is in good standing and the recommendations can help you learn from previous customers. True professionals should be happy to provide both.

If someone tries to present excuses instead of documents, take that as a red flag. This person may be trying to take your money with no intention of doing a good job in return.

Whether you’re hiring for a home or commercial renovation, be sure to look for these signs of a problem before you pay anyone.