How To Build an Incredible Basement Space

It’s amazing how many homeowners use an enormous basement as a glorified storage space. Basement remodeling can turn this dark or unused area into a gorgeous place for entertainment. Here are a few ways to transform your basement:

  • Home theater
  • Man (or woman) cave
  • Exercise area
  • Office space
  • Personal spa
  • Photography studio
  • Independent apartment

You have a lot of flexibility for designing the basement of your dreams, especially if it doesn’t have any existing interior walls. Investing is your basement boosts the value of your home and virtually doubles the amount of room you have.

Three Basement Essentials

No matter the layout you choose, there are three important areas to take care of before moving to the interior design phase:

1. Excellent Moisture Protection

Many basements are susceptible to moisture issues. This is natural since the basement is surrounded by moist earth. It’s essential to take steps to control humidity levels inside the home and prevent problems such as flooding. Always have a trustworthy basement remodeling contractor perform an inspection to check the moisture protection of your floor, walls and drainage systems.

2. Adequate Heating

Depending on where you live, the basement temperature usually ranges from cool to cold. Good heating is important to make sure your family, friends and guests feel comfortable downstairs. Some pros recommend radiant heating for walls and floors, and others prefer tying in the basement into your HVAC system. The best option depends on your home’s layout and your budget.

3. Abundant Lighting

To maximize your relaxation and enjoyment in the basement, pay special attention to lighting choices. A common mistake is to minimize lights when the basement really needs to feel bright and inviting. Today’s basement remodeling contractors can adapt to existing electrical layouts and still give you everything from hip bar lights to cozy indirect light fixtures.

Taking care of these three essentials can prevent problems down the road and allow you to enjoy your gorgeous basement for a lifetime. Make the most of your existing space and use your basement for enjoying happy moments as a family. Home remodeling experts can be an excellent source of recommendations.