Remodeling Your Basement to Add Space to Your Home


An unfinished basement can be used for your most basic storage needs. However, converting it into a functional area is an easy way to add more livable floor space to your home. At the same time, you can create customized storage options that are climate controlled for your fragile belongings. While the options are virtually limitless, here are three practical options for basement remodeling.

An Entertainment Space

If you enjoy hosting friends and family but find yourself crowded in the kitchen or living room, you can convert your basement into an entertainment space for everything from movie nights to casual dinners. The open space can allow for ample seating so your guests can spread out and stay comfortable. It’s also a great area for large televisions and audio systems since the sound will be further away from bedrooms and neighbors.

A Kid-Friendly Area

If you have small children, it can be difficult to keep their toys and games organized. However, when you remodel your basement, you can create a space that’s just for them. Custom storage for objects and craft supplies makes it easy to keep messes out of sight. It’s also a great opportunity to safely encourage active play indoors.

A Guest Suite

Another great use of basement space is adding bedrooms and bathrooms to your home. Turn it into the perfect getaway where visiting guests can enjoy comfort and privacy. You could also design a small apartment for family members or prospective tenants. You can even relocate your master suite to the basement to enjoy the benefits of the additional space and updated finishes.

No matter how you choose to use your newly converted space, rest assured that you can still have ample room to meet your storage needs. Have your contractor make plans for ample closet and cabinet units to keep your belongings safe and organized. With a well-designed basement remodeling, you can add value, function and beauty to your home.