Finding a Reputable Commercial General Contractor

When looking for a reliable contractor for a commercial construction project, it is vital to find the most suitable professional, one who is trained, licensed and experienced with your type of project. There is so much more money at stake than with residential construction, so taking the necessary steps will ensure a more positive outcome. 

Due Diligence

Naturally, you’ll want to include the opinions of experts in your decision-making process. One source to consider is your local building inspector; he will be familiar with the local contractors whose work regularly meets local standards and codes. 

Professional referrals are also key; once you have a list of potential contractors, you’ll want to ask for names of several clients willing to provide referrals. When you interview these clients, listen carefully to their experiences, and take into account their impressions and opinions.  

Thoroughly investigate all potential contractors, focusing on their years in business and whether they have experience with the type of construction project you’re pursuing. Ask to see portfolios of completed jobs, so you can get a more comprehensive idea of the types of projects with which they have experience.

Ask For Estimates

A commercial construction project is incredibly complex, and has many more detailed aspects than a residential project. Most reputable contractors will be happy to give you a quote for your proposed building. Try to gather several comprehensive quotes for comparison, making sure the design and materials in each quote are similar. Estimates should also include a general timeline, with enough details that include the entire range of work being done, and contingency plans that include budget or time delays.  

Take time to make detailed inquiries, and ensure that the contractor you choose is licensed in the state, and has the proper insurance coverage and limits. Finding the right contractor for your commercial construction can make a big difference between a financial and commercial headache, and an elegant finished project.