Steps To Take Before Beginning Your Basement Renovation


Before you get started on your basement remodeling project, there are some important steps to take so that your results will be beautiful and functional. Here are the things you need to do prior to starting a basement renovation.

Get a Professional Basement Inspection

First, get your basement professionally inspected. This is an essential step in basement remodeling that can save you headaches and money later down the road. Be on the lookout for signs of water infiltrating your basement or foundation.

Your basement inspector should also look for signs of mold or leaks. An inspection report should also inform you of potential problems like foundation cracks, pest infestations and air quality issues.

Decide on Design

If your basement inspector didn’t pick up on any big problems, the next part of your basement remodeling project is choosing the right design. Instead of going through this step on your own, consider teaming up with a professional contractor or engineer to design the layout of the rooms and spaces.

A professional builder can look at the footprint of your basement and determine if adding bathrooms, bedrooms, offices or other spaces would work. Builders look at the basement’s ceiling height, water supply, windows, outdoor access, local building codes and age of the home to design a layout.

Choose the Right Renovator

After going through both of these steps, you’re finally ready to choose a basement renovator to complete the project. Check out potential contractor’s online portfolios and experience with remodeling basements that are similar to yours.

Have potential contractors come to your home and examine the space before getting an estimate. Once you have multiple estimates from different contractors, look at what each company offers and the price to choose the right renovator.

When you want your basement remodeling project to go off without a hitch, you need to do some pre-planning. Begin with these steps to get your renovation off to the right start.