What a General Contractor Can Do For You

With real estate at premium prices, it may not be a good time to consider relocating your business. However, if you’ve outgrown your current setup or you need to rework the design to be more functional, you can turn to a commercial construction contractor for help. These companies can do more than new construction projects. The key services of a general contractor can turn your space into a more comfortable or luxurious place to work.

The Services Provided

Contractors can tackle a number of projects, but there are several general services that they can handle with ease and efficiency.

1. Design Development: In this function, your contractor will handle the initial project development stages. This includes the original design and scope of the build, but the contractor will also handle the aspect of material sourcing at competitive pricing, acquiring the necessary permits and ensuring delivery of ordered equipment or materials.

2. Project Management: Commercial construction contractors can also be used to oversee the scope of the project. The contractor can review the plans submitted by other companies involved in the build and continually evaluate how materials and labor are fitting into the budget. A contractor can also go to work securing the most competitive prices for your labor and materials.

3. General Service Work

Contractors can also provide general contracting services and submit a bid for the cost of completing a specific project. The plans could be original to the contractor or it could be the completion of a plan designed by another company.

4. Repairs and Maintenance

General contractors are a professional, efficient solution for maintenance or repair needs around a commercial property. Your company could purchase the materials and pay the contractor for the labor, or the contractor could source the needed items and present a bid based on the cost of materials plus labor.

General commercial construction contractors can address a number of issues around your property. Consider calling in the pros when you need drywall, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, painting or carpentry work done.