Update Your Split-Level Home

The split-level home layout is a common older type of home that can sometimes look dated to modern buyers. If you want to bring your split-level house into the 21st century, you can opt for some of these home remodeling projects with a professional contractor guiding you.  

A Spacious New Addition

Some split-level homes feel cramped if you’re used to a bigger space or have a large family. Instead of the traditional layout of two finished floors and a basement level, a split-level home only has two floors of space. One way you can expand your property’s footprint is to construct an addition and give yourself more space to work with.  

An Open Layout

Your next idea for a home remodeling project to modernize your split-level home is to open up the space. An open concept layout may make a dated split-level feel like it is brand new. Focus your efforts on opening up the kitchen, dining room and living room to give the illusion of more space and style.

More Windows

Split-level properties can sometimes feel dark and cramped inside. Your contractor may be able to help you add more light to the home by installing more windows. If your home has a backyard and a deck or patio, a pair of French doors may also brighten up the space and make it feel more modern.

An Exterior Upgrade

The last impactful home remodeling project that is perfect for an older split-level home is an exterior upgrade. Many of these homes have dull siding and a boring main entrance. Add something more welcoming to the front entrance area of your home with a wrap-around porch or a canopy. Update the old siding with fresh new vinyl siding. Add flowers around the property to make it look more inviting.

A contractor can help you choose the right remodeling projects that will make your split-level home look more vibrant. Create the perfect space with these gorgeous upgrades.