How To Plan for the Construction Phase of Home Remodeling Projects

Home remodeling is a thrilling experience. Being able to live in the bright, relaxing and luxurious home of your dreams is amazing. Of course, in all that excitement, it’s easy to forget about the practical side of things. How is your family going to follow your normal routine during construction? Planning ahead is a big help in avoiding stress.

The Hotel Option: Pros and Cons

The most straightforward option is to just stay at a hotel during the remodeling project. Sometimes, this is your only option, such as during a whole-home remodeling project. Staying at a hotel can also be wise if any part of the home is going to be demolished, especially if you have young kids. Remodeling contractors always check carefully before starting demolition, but you still have more peace of mind by keeping kids as far away from those areas as possible.

On the other hand, hotel stays quickly add up. That money can eat into your project budget. Think about the extras you could invest in — like granite countertops or custom cabinets — instead of paying for a hotel for a week.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom projects can be fairly hard to ignore due to the location of most bathrooms. If you have another working bathroom, disruptions can be kept to a minimum. It’s smart to make a schedule ahead of time for “bathroom time” to avoid being late to work or school.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

Talking with your home remodeling contractor is a big help for avoiding lifestyle interruptions. Many contractors can make things easier for you, perhaps moving your fridge and coffee maker into another room temporarily. Depending on the type of work being done, you may be able to reach other appliances at night as well. Otherwise, eating out for a few days is always a possibility that kids probably won’t complain about.